HJEM (Home), Anouska Hempel Apartment, Copenhagen, 2016

HJEM    (means HOME)

a temporary exhibition by Pernille Egeskov

Georg Jensen Damask, Republic of Fritz Hansen and Dinesen have invited visual artist Pernille Egeskov to make an artistic interpretation of the three brands.

The works in the exhibition extend through seven rooms in Dinesen Home at Nikolaj Plads 9. The works are site-speciPic and created to engage with the space.

Pernille Egeskov has found a special interest in the products’ duration, quality and craftsmanship. Both Georg Jensen Damask, Republic of Fritz Hansen and Dinesen inhabit the home with tablecloths, furniture and wooden Ploors that last for decades, and often inherited for generations – they become silent witness to small and large events in life at home. Egeskov examines raw materials and the process of how the products are manufactured, which she in an original way translates to a staging of family relationships and life rituals within the family framework. Pernille Egeskov works with recognizable scenes from the home sphere in a subtle manner where Georg Jensen Damask, Fritz Hansen and Dinesen let themselves willingly wrap in a tale, which is full of expressiveness – because life leaves traces on the things that surround us and within us.

The cooperation between Georg Jensen Damask, Republic of Fritz Hansen and Dinesen reflects a common interest and passion for extraordinary craftsmanship, quality and creativity. Pernille Egeskov has a special eye and sensibility for how to deal with craftsmanship and raw materials. The mutual use of materials like wood, leather and especially textiles and thread, are recurring elements in Pernille Egeskov’s total oeuvre. Home is both an evocative and poetic tale about the cyclical aspect of life, where the festive and the sombre assume concrete form as images of the passing of time and the Pleeting nature of life.