Take Care, Neliö Galleria, Oulu, Finland, 2022

Duo-exhibition with Minna Kangasmaa (FI) and Pernille Egeskov.


 6.- 23.10.2022 Neliö Galleria, Oulu, Finland. 


Take Care   


Exhibition theme:   

Take care/ Pas på – Pidä huolta  
The exhibition title Take Care carries a double meaning – and the same applies in Danish and Finnish. The phrase can be perceived both as an injunction or an appeal: as a call to exert caution and distance, or an invitation to embrace or cherish something.

Pernille Egeskov’s contribution to the exhibition consists of works which all revolve around the overall theme from a human perspective.

As people and generations, we stand on each other’s shoulders. We inherit the legacy of our ancestors, just as our children inherit it after us. We carry responsibilities on all levels. On a personal level – and a global one. 

What do we inherit?

Looking at the big picture: The legacy of the climate, cultural heritage, sets of norms and values ​​(including, for example, national structural ways of thinking).

In our intimate sphere: Prejudices, values, family patterns, gender patterns, attachment patterns, manners, traditions, faith, religion.


The works touch upon the balance between culture and nature, exploring them as concepts – from an existential as well as a concrete point of view.

Pernille Egeskov provides no clear-cut answers, wishing instead to encourage open reflections on the intimate within the big picture, establishing an artistically sensuous, poetic and conceptual space for visitors – a spare where they may see themselves and the current times reflected.